A special symposium program that offers everyone the chance to sing selections of world music every morning, to warm up our hearts and voices. Each day's program will begin in this way under the direction of Gary Graden (Sweden), with special guest conductors each morning.

Specialists in and composers of choral music will be invited from around the world as lecturers. All 41 sessions are planned based on four concepts: "For directors," "For choirs," "For composers" and "For ethnomusicologists". With Kyoto International Conference Hall as the venue, four lectures will run concurrently. There will also be JCA sessions on "Japanese choral music".

The Symposium Concerts will feature 34 top-level choirs and vocal ensembles from Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia, beginning and ending with Gala Concerts. The Kyoto Concert Hall, with wonderful acoustics, will serve as the concert venue. Special Concerts include the BBC Singers and Bach Collegium Japan.

Such choral music-related products as scores, books, CDs, DVDs, PC software, folk instruments, audio equipment, etc. will be displayed. The World Choral Expo will also furnish information on international choral festivals and competitions.

JCA Junior Chorus Festival

Okoshiyasu Concerts (Open Concerts)
These concerts have been designed to provide an opportunity for non-invited choral groups to perform. From 12:00 p.m. during the daily mid-day break, choirs will perform at the Kyoto International Conference Hall. Details will be announced on the website.
*Okoshiyasu means "Welcome" in a Kyoto dialect.

Community Concerts
These concerts have been designed to provide a place to deepen exchange between choral groups invited from around the world and Japanese choral groups including local residents. The concerts will be held in public venues in Kyoto and its environs over six days from July 28 through August 2.
JCA Junior Chorus Festival 2005
The Japan Choral Association holds the Junior Chorus Festival for children's choirs every summer. It usually comprises of the Ateliers for children and the Festival concert. The Festival in 2005 will tie up with the 7th World Symposium on Choral Music and create a stage together with children's choirs from the world. The concert will be on Sunday afternoon, July 31.
JCA Okasan (Mothers) Chorus Concert
The Mothers Choruses are popular, flourishing and strongly active in Japan. The Japan Choral Association would like to offer a glimpse of this unique activity to the world. The concert will be on Sunday evening, July 31.

JCA Okasan (Mothers) Chorus Concert