Advanced registration have been closed on July 15th.

Participants are requested to register at the on-seite registration desk on the day of the Symposium. On-site registration is available for 1st half week (Aug 1-3, 2005) and one-day registration (10,000yen per day. Workshop/ seminar only). Please note that all student registrations must be accompanied with a valid student identification card or letter from their supervisor giving their status. Desk open hours are available from here.>>> General Information Page.

Advanced registration have been closed on July 15th.

1. Registration Fee
1) One-day registration Regular: 10,000 yen Student: 8,000yen
* Fee includes admittance to the workshop/seminar sessions only.

2) Application by individual
*Full week and 2nd half registration (Aug1-3, 2005) have been already closed.

* Guest is limited to spouse and family member of the registrant.
3) Special Registration
JCA Junior Chorus Festival 2005 --- JPY 1,000
JCA Mothers Concert --- JPY1,000

The deadline for registration refers to the day on which the Registration Office receives both the registration form and documentation proving payment of the registration fee.
This is the first time the Registration fee is based on the United Nation's Human Development Index. Please see the classification chart of HDI for your country.

2. Delegate Registration fee includes admittance to the workshop/seminar sessions, the Symposium concerts, the World Choral Expo and the Opening Reception. Guests will be allowed admittance to the Symposium Concerts to be held in the Kyoto Concert Hall and the Opening Reception. However, preschool children (under 5 years old) will not be allowed in the Symposium Concerts.

* Symposium Concert includes Opening Gala Concert, Closing Gala Concert, Afternoon Concert, Evening Concert, Special Concert.

3. You may pay the registration fees by Credit Card or cash at the desk. All payment must be in Japanese yen.

Credit card: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, AMEX, JCB will be accepted.

4. CANCELLATION/REFUND: In the event of cancellation of registration, please be sure to notify the Registration Office using e-mail or fax. As for a refund of the paid registration fee, the following cancellation fee will be charged based on the day the Registration Office receives the cancellation notice. Note that, in principle, refunds will be made after the Symposium has ended (the bank remittance fee will be deducted from the amount to be refunded).

When cancellation is received:
Before July 1, 2005:
On and after July 1, 2005:
Cancellation fee
50% of the registration fee
100% of the registration fee (no refund)
There will be no refunds for no-shows, late arrivals, early departures or unused entry tickets. There is no pre-registration or ticketing for any individual concerts and workshop/ seminar sessions, with the exception of the JCA Junior Chorus Festival, and JCA Mothers Concert.

5. Those who register for the Symposium after July 15, 2005 are asked to register at the On-site Registration Desk on the day of the Symposium.
Since we have received a large number of registrations there are few seats remaining, so please note that once these have been filled by registrants at the regular price we will stop receiving further registrations.

6. The Executive Committee of 7th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM7) maintains the right to change any aspect of the Symposium and other related events. WSCM7 cannot be held liable for any damage or expenses incurred by individuals or any parties associated with this event. WSCM7 recommends that participants arrange for travel insurance.