This Symposium is supported by the Agency for Cultural Affaires Government of Japan, and is subsidized by the Japan Keirin Association through its promotion funds from KEIRIN RACE.
Organizers: International Federation for Choral Music, Japan Choral Association
Co-organizers: Kyoto Prefecture, City of Kyoto, The Asahi Shimbun, Kyoto City Cultural Promotion Foundation
With support of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Keirin Association (KEIRIN)
Sponsor: ROHM CO., LTD.
Additional Sponsors: Q.P.Corporation, Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd., JTB Corp.,
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd.
Assistance of: The Mitsubishi Trust Foundation for the Arts, The Nomura Cultural Foundation

Organizing Committee Members

Honorary advisors:
Keiji Yamada (Governor, Kyoto Prefecture)
Yorikane Masumoto (Mayor, City of Kyoto)
Shin-ichi Hakoshima (President and CEO, The Asahi Shimbun)
Ken Sato (Chairman, Rohm Music Foundation)
Advisors: Yozo Sato (Honorary President, Japan Coral Associatiom)
Tatsuo Minagawa (Advisor, Japan Choral Association)
Toshiyuki Takagi (Board Director, Cultural Project and Business Development, The Asahi Shimbun)
Councilors: Yasuo Kase (General Director, Department of Citizens' Affairs and Labor, Kyoto Prefectural Government)
Shigenori Shibata (Director General, Culture & Citizens Affairs Bureau, City of Kyoto)

Executive Committee

Chairman: Nobuyoshi Yoshimura (President, Japan Choral Association)
Vice-Chairman: Keiichi Asai (Vice-President, Japan Choral Association)
Board members: Tsuguo Nomura (Executive Director, Japan Choral Association)
Saeko Hasegawa (Executive Director, Japan Choral Association)
Tatsuji Sek i(Secretary General, Kansai Division, Japan Choral Association)
Michihiro Adachi (Vice-Presidentand Secretary General, Kyoto Choral Association)
Toru Hosotsuji (Vice-President, Kyoto Choral Association)
Yoshihiro Egawa (Director of Secretariat, Japan Choral Association)
Jean-Claude Wilkens (Secretary General, International Federation for Choral Music)
Motoyoshi Shimoda (Director, Culture and Art Office, Kyoto Prefectural Government)
Shigetada Mizuguchi (Director, Culture & Citizens Affairs Bureau, City of Kyoto)
Yasushi Kawamura (Senior Project Officer, Social Projects and Events Department, The Asahi Shimbun)

Artistic Committee

Chairperson: Saeko Hasegawa (Japan)
Members: Eskil Hemberg (Sweden)
Chifuru Matsubara (Japan)
Dolf Rabus (Germany)
Mitsukazu Suwaki (Japan)
Jennifer Tham (Singapore)

Kyoto Committee

Chairman: Keiichi Asai (President Kansai Division, Japan Choral Association)
Members: Takahide Sugiyama (Vice-President, Kansai Division, Japan Choral Association)
Tatsuji Seki
Toru Hosotsuji
Nagako Suzuki (Vice-President, Kyoto Choral Association)
Michihiro Adachi
Shizuka Saeki (Secretary, Kyoto Choral Association)