Asia Pacific Working Committee/Choral Council


The IFCM Asia Pacific Working Committee was first formed at the IFCM Asia Pacific Choral Summit (Wuxi, China) in 2009 and was re-organised at the Asia Pacific Choral Summit held in Macau, in February 2011. With committee members - conductors, administrators and other patrons of the choral arts - representing a cross-section of voices of the region, we hope to foster and nurture the development of choirs and choral music in the Asia Pacific region. Through collaboration and exchange, we hope to learn from one another. Through music, we hope to connect with each other, to bring together as many different peoples as possible for a singular purpose - to be instruments for peace and understanding. We began this journey of hope with the formation of the Asia Pacific Youth Choir which, after a successful debut in Macau (Feb 2011), continues to be our sounding symbol for respect, love and joy among the peoples of this culturally diverse region.


Saeko Hasegawa, Japan
Emily Kuo Vong, Macau - China
Grant Hutchinson†, New Zealand

Working Committee Members:
Yoshihiro Egawa, Japan
Jonathan Velasco, Philippines
Jennifer Tham, Singapore 
Johnny Ku, Taiwan
Kathy Fok, Hong Kong - China
Susanna Saw, Malaysia

Council members:
: Stephen Leek, stephen_leek(a)
China: Lingfen Wu, lingfw(a)
Hong Kong: Kathy Fok, kathy(a)
India: Nariman H. Wadia, nhwadia(a)
Indonesia: Aida Swenson, aidas(a)
Japan: Yoshihiro Egawa, international(a)
Korea: Jacob Youngmok Chang, jacobch(a)
Macau: Emily Kuo Vong, letoileusa8(a)
Malaysia: Hock Pin Chew, ougchew(a)
Myanmar: Moe Naing, for577(a)
New Zealand: Christine Argyle, christine.argyle(a)
Pacific Region: Igelese Ete, igelese(a)
Philippines: Jonathan Velasco, choirmaster(a)
Singapore: Jennifer Tham, jennifer(a)
    Sri Lanka: Soundarie David, soundarie(a) 
  Thailand: Kittiporn Tantrarungroj, kittiporntan(a)
Taiwan: Johnny Ku, johnnyku99(a)
  Vietnam: PHAM Hong Hai, vnob2002(a)

If your home country is not shown on the list,
then please contact directly to:

Japan Choral Association
c/o The Asahi Shimbun, 5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8011 Japan
Fax. +81-3-3544-1964