Asia Pacific Youth Choir

AUDITION - Asia Pacific Youth Choir 2019 in Hong Kong

20 July – Arrival in Hong Kong, before 14:00
25 July – Departure from Hong Kong

TENTATIVE ITINERARY (Rehearsal camp and Concerts)

20 July - Arrival in Hong Kong (before 14:00); first meeting and rehearsal (16:00)
21 July - Rehearsal
22 July – Rehearsal; Short presentation at the welcome concert by the Hong Kong Children’s Choir
23 July – Rehearsal; Open rehearsal to the public; Concert (40 mins.)
24 July – Rehearsal; Concert with 3 Finalists of the HKCC Conducting Competition.
25 July - Departure from Hong Kong


Vivian Ip (Hong Kong, assistant conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016/17 season; Music Director of Chorus Delicti Wien)

Conditions of participation

1. Applicants must be between 18 to 28 years of age on 20 July 2019.
2. A good working knowledge of English is required, all events will be conducted in English.
3. Accommodation, meals, local transport and all material needs are provided by the host organization, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir.
4. Participants are responsible for their own expenditure on:

  a. Travel from home country to host country (Hong Kong), and back to home country.
  b. Visas and other official requirements.
  c. Pocket money for personal expenses.

Deadline for application

17 December 2018

Please send the application to your national representative on the Asia Pacific Choral Council list, or Mr. Yoshihiro Egawa at no later than 17 December, 2018.

IFCM Asia Pacific Choral Council members | Contact person in your country

China: Jun Wang, jwxp909(a)
Hong Kong: Kathy Fok, kathy(a)
Indonesia: Aida Swenson,
Japan: Yoshihiro Egawa,
Korea: Jacob Youngmok Chang, jacobch(a)
Malaysia: Hock Pin Chew, ougchew(a)
Myanmar: Moe Naing, for577(a)
New Zealand: Christine Argyle, christine.argyle(a)
Pacific Region: Igelese Ete, igelese(a)
Philippines: Jonathan Velasco, choirmaster(a)
Singapore: Jennifer Tham, jennifer(a)
Sri Lanka: Soundarie David, soundarie(a)
Thailand: Kittiporn Tantrarungroj, kittiporntan(a)
Taiwan: Johnny Ku, johnnyku99(a)


The Asia Pacific Youth Choir welcomes new singers from the region! Please send your application to your national representative on the Asia Pacific Choral Council list, or Mr. Yoshihiro Egawa at before the deadline of 17 December, 2018.

The following materials must be submitted for the application:

1. Application form (completed), together with:

  a. A copy of the first page of your passport, and
  b. A signed declaration of participation (on the attached form*).
*Please download the application form at


2. Complete curriculum vitae and including the following information:

  a. Education and languages spoken/read
  b. School or employment
  c. Relevant experience/accomplishments
  d. Other related information


3. Audio files (MP3 format only). Please see attached for audition requirements.

Applications should be emailed to national representatives on the list, or Mr. Yoshihiro Egawa.
All applications should reach the organizers on or before 17 December 2018. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.




1. Please use digital audio files (MP3 format) of high quality.

2. Recordings should not contain ambient/background noise.

3. On the MP3 file, please mark clearly the 

  a. name of the candidate in full
  b. voice-part (S / A / T / B), and
  c. home country.

Audition requirements:

1. Prepared scores (a set piece): Josquin Des Prez Ave Maria** (bb. 1-54)

This allows the candidate to demonstrate his/her ability in preparing a given score at home.
The candidate should record his/her part, with all dynamics and articulation, at the correct tempo, in the given key; other parts should be played on the piano.


2. Range test: One short exercise of the candidate’s choice, sung forte and a cappella, on an open vowel, presenting the entire voice range.

** Please download a score of the set piece at